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1: Welcome To Podcast Professors!

Podcast ProfessorsIn our very first episode, we all get together and chat about who we are, where we come from and what our own philosophies of podcasting are. Podcast Professor Lij Shaw along with Podcast Professors Mark Haffner, Jaime Jay, Chris got together for the inaugural show. Podcast Professor Lij is a music and podcast producer. He has over 25 years experience in music production. He is the owner of a Grammy award winning recording studio in Nashville, TN called the Toy Box Studio. Podcast Professor Mark Haffner has been a music composer most of his life writing for television, film and commercials. He’s been producing music for about 25 years. He’s been excited about personal media since the early 2000’s and is really excited to see where podcasting is going. Podcast professors Jaime has been in the marketing world for just over 20 years. Working for both fortune 100 companies and small startups, he loves the challenges that come with marketing. He is looking forward to being a part of the Podcast Professors and can’t wait to see where this podcast goes. Podcast Profess Chris McNeill has a business sales background and comes from many years in corporate America. He is the “organized” one of the bunch. He enjoys podcasting from a more analytical stand point and keeps the group together and on task.

Mark HaffnerPodcasting is a way to get creative and build a strong and growing community. Today, Lij introduced the topic of this show by talking about our philosophy of what podcasting and each Podcast Professor shares their point of view. Professor Mark started off the conversation about his view on podcasting. Mark talks about how sound recording has a sense of usefulness. Once you invest in the idea of recording yourself, there’s something more that’s captured. Just like you can tell the kind of people we are, not just because you can see us in Google Hangouts, but you can hear the tone of our voices and how we express ourselves. It makes so much more information come through because of sound of our voice. People will then connect with you on a more personal level. Then that goes into social media and Jaime will help you with that – all of a sudden you have a functioning eco-system. In the past, it was very difficult to monetize your podcast, but today, based on this eco-system, you now have the opportunity to make money podcasting.

Jaime Jay, Podcast ProfessorPodcast professor Jaime understands the value of creating new content. First and foremost, podcasting is fun. There are millions of websites on the internet, but there are only about 250,000 podcasts right now. Even though podcasting has been around since the early 2000’s, it’s really beginning to take off and the time to get started is now. A podcast is a great resource to establish your voice and gain an authority in the noisy world of the internet. Take what you are passionate about and incorporate that into your show. The bottom line is to just have fun.

Have a blast making a Podcast!

Professor Chris really loves about podcasting is having the ability to connect, meet and build relationships with people that he wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s all about connecting with people that podcasting provides as a platform. Chris loves expressing himself and enjoys the developmental process. He is totally in control of his content. He owns it. The first time Chris heard a podcast was the early 2000’s and the thought that he could do this himself wasn’t even on his radar. Now, with the low cast barrier to entry, virtually anyone can start their own show.Chris McNeill, Podcast Professor

Years ago, Lij Shaw discovered a secret hidden area on iTunes where you could subscribe to podcast. It was like discovering a treasure trove of information. He got to listen in on lectures, people talking about HTML programming and just about anything you could listen to. Lij is a barefoot runner and he even found a podcast about barefoot running. One great anecdote about getting into podcasting for Lij – He had been listening to shows and was looking for an excuse to start podcasting. He had a friend that introduced him into the world of bitcoin and this relationship ultimately led to Lij and his friend started a podcast about this. During his search for other shows about bitcoins, his friend contacted him and said they were doing a contest about who has the best bitcoin podcast. They quickly through together a podcast show and entered the contest… they won!Lij Shaw, Podcast Professor

The Podcast Professors started this podcast and created their own podcast course called the Podcast P.H.D. They worked for six months developing this course to help people learn how to create, grow and monetize their podcast. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us or complete the form below.

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Chris McNeill

Chris McNeill has as many opinions as ideas, and loves making lists. He was an entrepreneur long before he could spell the word. Chris is an avid connector of people, and organizer of everything. As a reader and sci fi fanatic that can't wait for the next Fallout game. Chris resides in Austin, where pets outnumber he and his wife. Austin isn't as great as you've heard. Dallas is better, you should go there.

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