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11: Show Notes


Lets jump right in to the episode.  Mark stars us off with some great advice:

A Microphone’s Proximity To Your Mouth Does More For Sound Quality Than Price Does.

  • Mark is pulling his studio-quality vocals mic out and setting up his Miktek Procast SST.  The Boom lets him properly position the mic, which delivers better quality sound.
  • Thats just one reason Mark is excited to be receiving his Procast SST.  (If you like the show, get your Miktek Procast SST from our store here, it helps us keep the lights on)

Jaime is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Stop Riding The Pine! 

Congrats on 50 awesome episodes.  Listen to hear what Jaime has learned in the last 12 months.

Who are show notes for?

  • Write your show notes for humans first, search engines second.
  • Show notes can be a great way for people to find your show, or additional content you provide after they’ve listened to an episode.

Affiliate Links In Your Show Notes

  • 100% fine, as long as the products you’re suggesting are in line with your brand’s values and mission.
  • You don’t have to announce that a link is to an affiliate produce, but if you aren’t, you’re missing a sales opportunity.  Let your fans know that they can support your show by buying the products you’re suggesting.  Products that you believe they’ll love.

Show Notes, As A User Experience

  • Additional content that can help listeners better connect with you.
  • You can use the time stamped audio or video, or provide a complete transcription, or even just an outline.  Just be certain the notes are valuable.
  • Jaime writes his while giving his finished episode a final review.
  • Chris writes draft notes as he is editing.


Chris McNeill

Chris McNeill has as many opinions as ideas, and loves making lists. He was an entrepreneur long before he could spell the word. Chris is an avid connector of people, and organizer of everything. As a reader and sci fi fanatic that can't wait for the next Fallout game. Chris resides in Austin, where pets outnumber he and his wife. Austin isn't as great as you've heard. Dallas is better, you should go there.

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