12: Podcasting Is The New… | Podcast Professors

12: Podcasting Is The New…

Podcasting As NetworkingThis week Podcast Professors Mark and Jaime chat about podcasting as the new networking, and dive into some of the creative process behind creating amazing show openers and segment transitions.  Mark brings his industry background and Emmy-winning personality to bear and gives some truly insightful tips out in the second half of this episode, don’t miss it!

Podcasting Has Matured

Jaime Tried Out Blab.IM this week, and shares his experiences.

  • Up to 4 people can chat and network together.  Combination of Periscope, Zoom and Youtube.  You can stream video, or just audio.
  • Should we be on Blab?  Let us know.

Crafting Show Openers And Trinsitions

  • Think about the words you’re saying, and how you’re using them.
  • Don’t treat this as an advertisement.  Put some pauses in, space out what you’re saying.
  • Less is more.  Try working with just a single line, or a few phrases.
  • When writing, use Times New Roman font, size 10.  4 lines on the page gives you approximately 15 seconds read aloud.


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