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2: Passion for Podcasting

This week, the professors dive into their passion for podcasting.

Podcast Professor Mark Haffner introduces this episode with fellow Podcast Professors’s Lij Shaw, Jaime Jay and Chris McNeill. Professor Lij kicked off the show by asking Professor Jaime how he got started in podcasting.

Jaime talks about how important it was to start his show. He was fortunate enough to meet Paul Colligan who recommended that he start his own show. Even though it took Jaime a while to get started, once he launched his show, he never looked back. It was both fun and educational.

Professor Chris discovered podcasting when it first came out. He listened to a few episodes and really enjoyed them. He decided to do a couple voice overs and really enjoyed it. He took a couple voice over classes. Once Chris realized he was listening to podcasts on a daily basis, he decided to start his own show after friends recommended he start his own show.

Professor Lij owns a recording studio in Nashville, TN and he loves making records. One night, Lij was recording some tracks with a friend of his who introduced him to the world of podcasting. With the advent of the cell phone, it was so easy to get podcasts simply by subscribing to a RSS feed. Lij stumbled onto a podcast by Pat Flynn and he “drank the cool aid”. He was hooked. He learned so much from the podcast and it was all for free!

Professor Mark has a huge passion for personal media starting in television in the 90’s. He realized the digital tools were coming for people to do the work themselves without having to worry about getting a contract or getting approved from other media companies where they owned your material. You really get to do what you want to do in order to put something out there.

Chris McNeill

Chris McNeill has as many opinions as ideas, and loves making lists. He was an entrepreneur long before he could spell the word. Chris is an avid connector of people, and organizer of everything. As a reader and sci fi fanatic that can't wait for the next Fallout game. Chris resides in Austin, where pets outnumber he and his wife. Austin isn't as great as you've heard. Dallas is better, you should go there.

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