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4: Drew Griffin And The Future Of Podcasting

Drew GriffinThis week, The Podcast Professors Are Joined by Drew Griffin From Podcasting Magazine.  We chat about the future of podcasting, a new monetization strategy,  podcasting as the new networking, and much more.

Fast Company: Why Podcasting is the New Networking?

The Podcast Professors talk with Drew Griffin, Creator of Podcasting Magazine, to discuss cool ways of promoting your podcast.  Drew is a programmer with an special interest in developing mobile apps and digital magazines.  He believes in the podcast movement and is fully immersed in the growth of the industry.

The opportunity of networking to get your message out there has never been more affordable than it is today. – Drew Griffin

Drew is an author, speaker and developer.  He began by interviewing on a plethora of podcast shows and that’s when his idea for creating a digital magazine was born.  He currently has approximately eight issues that feature podcasters, shows, gear, courses etc.

He wanted to share a different approach to distribution.  With his magazine, he not only offers a ton of written content and images, but he can also embed audio feeds and embedded videos.

Drew’s description of what a podcast is to someone who isn’t familiar with podcasting: Podcasting is downloading “deliciousness” on demand.  You, the listener, have the opportunity to listen to whatever interests you without having to listen to traditional media that you may or may not like in it’s entirety.

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