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5: Mobile Podcasting

Podcast Professors – a podcast about podcasting, by podcasters!  Each week the professors get together and talk about the latest news in the industry. Chris, Jaime, Lij and Mark also answer your questions in each episode, and bring their unique perspectives on podcasting to the world.

Podcast Professors is a podcast designed for anyone that is starting a podcast, as we focus specifically on helping you get the knoweldge you need to write, record, mix, master and publish your very own show

Chris McNeill

Chris McNeill has as many opinions as ideas, and loves making lists. He was an entrepreneur long before he could spell the word. Chris is an avid connector of people, and organizer of everything. As a reader and sci fi fanatic that can't wait for the next Fallout game. Chris resides in Austin, where pets outnumber he and his wife. Austin isn't as great as you've heard. Dallas is better, you should go there.

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