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9: Joel Boggess of Relaunch

JoelBoggessThis week The Professors are joined by Joel Boggess, host of the Relaunch Show, best-selling author, and all-around amazing guy. We chat about launching, authenticity and having the right goals in mind when starting your own podcast.

Before launching his first, Joel spent time in radio, television and the production booth.  When he did decide to make the jump from broadcasting to podcasting, he let his desire to be an industry leader guide his decisions.

We hit Joel with loads of questions, and he shared some amazing insights with us.

How do you launch something new and position yourself as a leader?

How do you share those credits and accolades with the world?  How do you capitalize on the doors that are opened?

  • Share wins with your guest invites. Awards and #1 rankings means something to a lot of people.  Don’t approach this in a “look at me” way, but as proof that you’re a leader.

What is the most common obstacle or objection to starting a podcast you get from your community?

  • “Why would someone want to listen to me?”  Turn the question around on yourself.  Find something you love, focus on that.  If you love  it, that passion will come through to the audience.  Get clear on ideas and make a show that is fun for you.

How do I monetize?

How do I know if my idea for a podcast is a good idea?

  • Define what success looks like to you.
  • Ask yourself, is this idea good enough for me?  Make the podcast for you, entertain yourself first.
  • You don’t know.  Allow yourself the flexibility of experimentation.  If you don’t tie monetization to your show early on, you have an incredibly freeing experience.
  • Relaunch was Joel’s 9th show. the previous 8 were not failures, they were learning experiences.
  • Know what you want, know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Tune in to your favorite shows regularly and learn from their experience.

Tell us about your message in your books and show.  How did you identify your passion?

  • I wanted something relatable to my audience.  Everyone can relate to a relaunch, we’ve all been through them.  Relaunches come from decisions to change something in our lives, personally or professionally.
  • I also wanted to bring in some of the most creative inspirational people on the planet, and not ask them about why they’re so great. I ask people to be vulnerable and share their relaunches.  Those are the deep conversations you don’t hear on a lot of shows, but they’re the ones I like to get into.  It makes the guests relatable.
  • Don’t do a ton of research on guests because you don’t want to parrot what everyone else is doing.  We live in a content-heavy world, and everyone has a show, message or blog.  Everyone is trying to get attention.  Rise above the noise and be seen heard and recognized by being different.  When you don’t overly prepare yourself for your guest, you’re stacking the deck in your favor.  You have to pay attention to the interview and the responses, and you your curiosity kicks in.  
  • I just want to make sure my guests aren’t giving the same canned responses they gave the last 10 podcasters they’ve talked to.  The questions you ask make you memorable.

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