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Should I Wear Headphones to Record My Podcast?

Why do you see podcasters wearing studio headphones when they’re recording an episode? I don’t get it. Are you listening to yourself while you’re talking? Or do you only have them on to listen to post-recording editing? New Podcaster This is a great question! We so often see pictures of podcasters with headphones on that […]

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Are You Addicted To Podcast Stats?

The world lives on data, especially the business world. Podcast hosts are no exception, especially those that consider their podcast to be marketing activity. Many podcast hosts fall victim to the desire to check their stats over and over through a month, week or even a day, and obsess over the number of downloads their show is receiving.

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Converting Listeners Into A Community

How Do You Convert Listeners Into A Community Of Loyal Fans?Many podcasters ask the question How do I monetize my podcast or how do I make money from my listeners?  When starting out, the question that you really ought to ask yourself is how do I convert my listeners into a community of loyal fans? Why? […]

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