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Getting A Great Sound For Your Podcast

Hi! I’m Lij Shaw with, and welcome to our free series, where we answer the most frequently asked questions about podcasting. People often ask, “How do I get a great sound for my podcast? How do I record my voice? And what if I don’t like the sound of my voice?”

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why people give up on listening to podcasts is from bad audio quality?

Why listen to a show with sub-par audio, when there are so many great sounding podcasts and incredible podcast productions out there already? Fortunately, you can engage your listeners, even if your sound quality is not quite where you want it to be yet.

Creating great content is the secret to creating a great show. Lucky for you, you won’t have to spend a fortune to have a golden sound. There are a variety of ways that you can take a very affordable mic, even a standard iPhone headset, and get it to sound like a pro.

Lij Shaw
Poscast Professor

You can do things to control the environment you’re recording by:  

  • putting up blankets and pillows to control echo
  • And you can use EQ and compression, or loudness plugins
  • These help you bring out the quality in the sound when you’re editing and mixing down, and give yourself that big, radio DJ sound.

At Podcast Professors, we supercharge you with the power to make your podcast sound fantastic in no time at all!

We dive into this and much more in our podcast professors "Podcast PHD (Podcast Home Degree)" online course. We look forward to meeting you soon. You can click on the link below to learn more about the wonderful world of podcasting!


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