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How a Podcast Works

Hello.  I'm Chris McNeil from Podcast Professors back again with another episode from our free video series how to get started in podcasting.  Today I'm tackling another frequently asked question and this time I'm going to talk about how a podcast works.  

Podcasting seems to be new for a lot of people.  Maybe you're just hearing about it for the first time, but what you may not realize is the term has been around since 2004.  The ability to download custom created audio content  onto an mp3 player has been around for a long time before that.  

In the early days, podcaster's experienced a very laborious and manual process to listen to the shows they loved. In order to listen to a show I enjoyed, I would have to visit individual web pages, download whatever the newest episode was and load it onto my mp3 player.  After I downloaded a file on the computer, I would take my mp3 player with me.  I would listen to episode, bring my mp3 player back to the computer, delete the  file and then repeat the whole process over again to get the next episode.  I had no way of knowing when a new episode was released without going back and loading the web page to manually check for new episodes. 

 All that changed in the mid 2000's with the iPod and iTunes.  They leveraged a technology called RSS or really simple syndication.  Every major podcast distribution network now uses this technology that allows a podcast host or creator to focus on creating their amazing show, uploading that tagged mp3 file to the hosting service that then syndicates it to multiple different outlets like iTunes and Stitcher with no interaction on the listener's part. 

It makes it very easy for people to automatically get a hold of new episodes whenever they're released and listen to them and take them with them where ever they have a data connection.  Now, with mobile technology we can listen to our favorite podcast episodes without ever having to sit down at our computer.  This is the major reason why podcast have exploded in popularity. 

The way a podcast actually works as a business model is something of a separate question, but we do dive into that in our podcast professors "Podcast PHD (Podcast Home Degree)" online course.  To give you a little bit of a preview, once you have a successful podcast show, where you've niched down, you know who your avatar is and you've connected with those people that are your listeners and perhaps even started to build a community, then it's time to monetize your show.

While there are many ways to monetize your show, one way you can do this is by selling ads on your show.  You can do that by finding affiliate products that you can sell on your website and in your episodes.  You can also sell your own products and services or adopt a model where the listeners can contribute to the show much like NPR does.

There's a lot of different options out there and like I said, we go into detail  about that in one of the modules in our Podcast PHD course.  I'd like to thank you for stopping by today and be sure to check out the rest of our free video series "How to Get Started in Podcasting" or visit to learn more. 


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