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How to create podcast music on your iPhone in under 6 minutes!

On a flight from Nashville to Miami this spring I couldn't check email or Facebook because my phone was in airplane mode. Argh! right?

Well Hey! What better way to spend my time then to have some fun with Garageband and create a new intro for my podcast?

You have a complete podcasting and music studio built right into your phone. And you might not even realize it!
Lij Shaw
Podcast Professor

If you have an iPhone you can get Garageband iOS in the App Store for only $5. This app will let you record your voice and intruments. But you dont even have to do that to create your own music intro.

Using the built in Apple library you can select and drag loops to create really cool intro music in 15 minutes!

Lij Takes you on a walkthrough of the basics in this video and breaks down the song he created. Stay tuned for the next video where he will create a song from scratch. 

So you can create your own podcast intro music and begin creating your podcast now!

Lij Shaw

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