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How to Name Your Podcast

How to Name Your Podcast by Podcast Professor Jaime Jay

Hi, I'm Podcast Professor Jaime with Podcast  One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "How to Name Your Podcast".  I've broken this question down into three easy steps that will help you come up with a great name that not only incorporates your message in a short concise manner, but your target will know exactly what your show is about.

Did you know that just last summer, Apple announced that it logged its one billionth podcast subscription?  While this seems like a large number, podcasting is going to continue to grow and that means that competition is only going to increase.

STEP 1: Ask those you trust about what they think of your name.

You should pick a name that not only describes your show, but it must resonate with your listeners.  Keep it simple.  You can keep it simple by crafting a name that explains your topic.  One of the best ways to find out if you came up with a good name is by asking your friends, family and/or colleagues.  Ask them if they know what your show is about? 

If those you ask don't know what your show is about, then would suggest that you go back to the drawing board and think of a name that is easier for them to identify.  You can also ask them for suggestions.

STEP 2: Make sure your name is representative of your topic.

Make sure you come up with a name that is memorable and speaks to your audience.  When you are first starting out, many people won't know you have a show.  Many people will find your show via iTunes or Google so it's important that you use keywords that identify your show so they appear in the search engines or various podcast media directories. 

STEP 3: Secure your name by registering the domain.

Once you identify your name, go check to see if your domain is available.  It's important to register it right away.  I would also suggest securing the .net, .com and .info extensions as well.

I'm Podcast Professor Jaime and I encourage you to... Find Your Future, Podcast Yourself!​

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