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Unboxing The Miktek ProCast STT – “The All In One Podcast Studio”

Podcast Professor Lij Shaw unboxes the Miktek ProCast SST right before your very eyes!

Are you looking for an easy solution to recording your podcast? Do you need a simple podcast microphone and studio that will make you sound fantastic and give you the perfect podcast sound?
Lij Shaw
Podcast Professor

The ProCast SST is the awesome "all in one podcasting studio" from Miktek Audio. The SST is designed by Michael Ketchell the founder of Miktek Audio and creator of the original USB microphone (years ago when designing for Samson).

Drawing from decades of experience with microphones Michael Ketchell designed the SST to include the most important elements for creating a professional podcast:

  • Designed with the professional podcaster in mind
  • Fully extendable boom arm to bring microphone within easy reach of voice
  • Built in Condenser microphone for HiFi sound.
  • Additional input for guest microphone (includes +48v power for optional guest condenser mic) 
  • Supports two headphone outputs for host and guest with separate volume controls
  • Built in mute buttons to keep recordings clean of unwanted background noise
  • Includes low cut EQ and pop filter
  • 24 bit hi res analog to digital converters for recording your voice (or line inputs for music and other inputs)
  • Runs on battery power from laptop or iPad

The Miktek SST is an easy plug and play microphone and interface that is perfect for recording yourself and your guest. It's also an audio interface that connects to your laptop, iPad, or computer with a single USB cable. It draws power directly through the USB cable and is capable of recording running only on battery power.

You can now take your professional podcasting studio into the field to record a studio quality show wherever you go. Lij shows you how easy it is to connect the SST to a MacBook Pro and Protools 11 and get recording right away .

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