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Where to Publish Your Podcast

When I Go Live, What Are The Best Places To Publish My Podcast?

Podcast Professor Chris here again! Welcome back to our free video series, how to get started in podcasting. Today, I'm tackling the question "what are the best places to crelease my show when I'm ready to go live?"

You may not realize, but iTunes recently hit the milestone of over 1 billion podcast subscriptions. That number may seem staggering, but you really shouldn't be surprised. Why? The average podcast listener enjoys between 6 and 10 episodes every week. Thats a lot of podcasts to consume!

You may be thinking that the best strategy when you decide to launch your podcast is an "anywhere and everywhere" approach, thinking that if you cast a wide enough net, you'll capture as many listeners as possible. I caution you against taking this approach because you're adding a layer of complexity to something that is already going to be challenging enough.

iTunes Rules, But Is Flawed.

The more platforms, accounts and conversations that you have to manage separately, the more difficult it is to convert your listeners into a community or ultimately customers. iTunes is definitely king, and everyone should publish their podcast first and foremost on iTunes. The platform itself is widely used, and the brand Apple is, of course, very well known and trusted. The problem with iTunes is you're excluding a huge part of the market because it only work on Apple devices. There is another, even bigger problem. You get no metrics from iTunes, and will have no idea how many subscribers you have. You'll have no way to converse with those subscribers. You won't even be able to tell how many people are listening to your show from within itunes itself.

Use Another Platform That Gives Metrics

Because of these shortcomings, I always recommend that people choose at least one other platform from which to publish their show. Personally, I prefer Stitcher. Soundcloud, Blubrry, iHeart Radio are all great choices, and Spotify will soon be available to us all. What I love about Stitcher is that it provides some amazing metrics. You'll get information like the average number of plays per show, plays per day, etc. You also get a really valuable metric that will help you refine the quality of your show, after you've gone live. That metric? The average number of minutes that someone spend listening to an episode of your show.

If You have a 30 minute show, and the average number of minutes that listeners hear your voice is 27, Awesome! If that number is 3, you've got a problem because most people are leaving before you've even had a chance to get into the meat of an episode. I love Stitcher because it helps me refine my show by providing me with the information that lets me see what my listeners are actually doing, but there are loads of other options available.  Take some time and find the one that makes the most sense to you.

To sum up, always launch on iTunes. You get the new and noteworthy bump - eight weeks of great front-page placement. iTunes very heavily leverages its ratings and reviews systems for on going placement, so make that a big focus. Expand outside of iTunes and always use a secondary platform, one that you can embed in your website. Manage it heavily, and try to get as many listeners listening from that platform because it can deliver very meaningful insight about the quality of your show.

Get started on your podcasting journey right now and remember... Podcast Yourself!

Chris McNeill

Chris McNeill has as many opinions as ideas, and loves making lists. He was an entrepreneur long before he could spell the word. Chris is an avid connector of people, and organizer of everything. As a reader and sci fi fanatic that can't wait for the next Fallout game. Chris resides in Austin, where pets outnumber he and his wife. Austin isn't as great as you've heard. Dallas is better, you should go there.

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