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Who is Your Target Audience

Who is Your Target Audience?

One question that is often overlooked is to truly understand who your target audience is.  Before I address this question, did you know that Wal-Mart didn't understand their target market when they launched a Facebook campaign?  They attempted to target recent college grads to talk about how cool Wal-Mart merchandise was for young adults who didn't have a lot of money with a campaign called "The Roommate Match Program".  This campaign only lived for about ten weeks before it was taken down.  The problem was that Wal-Mart didn't do their homework.  They found out that the Facebook group was a launch platform for negative comments about how Wal-Mart underpaid it's employees and instead of getting rave reviews, it was a platform for negative comments about the company.

Before you can discover who your target audience is, you have to understand who your customer is.  This is paramount to your success.  Before you even consider what your podcast is going to be about, you need to understand who will listen to your show.  You simply can't appeal to everyone.

You can still do a good job of researching your target audience by identifying a problem, acknowledging that problem and finding a solution for that problem.  You don't have to have a solution for everyone, you just have to identify like-minded people who share the same views you have. 

Go online and search for solutions to your problems.  When you identify your target audience, you will not only have a solid platform to stand upon, but you will have a common ground with which you will be able to share comments and share ability.  You should want to know that you have people that are interested in listening to what you have to offer before you launch your podcast.

5 Step to Discovering Your Target Audience

1.  Who do you Want Your Audience to be?

2.  Is there information out there already that you can reseach?

3.  Where is your target audience spending their time?

4. How will you track current market trends?

5.  How will you niche down on your target audience even further?

These five questions are a great way to begin the process of segmenting your market.  If you can determine why your target has not taken action on the issues on the past, you will be able to offer solutions to them by identifying barriers and providing benefits that will help them overcome the hurdles they are currently experiencing.

Get started on your podcasting journey right now and remember... Podcast Yourself!

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