Podcasting | Podcast Professors - Part 3
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How to Monetize Your Podcast

Hi! I’m Lij Shaw with PodcastProfessors.com. Welcome to our free series, where we answer the most frequently asked questions about podcasting. People are often exciting about starting their podcast, and getting their message out to an eager audience. They may even be truly passionate about their podcast niche. But most people still come back to […]

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Finding Your Niche with Podcasting

Hello.  I’m Lij Shaw with PodcastProfessors.com.  We often get asked by people how they can identify their target audience.  Finding your niche with podcasting can be hard, but there are lots of different ways to figure this and Lij will be addressing much of this in this video blog post.  Did you know the best […]

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How a Podcast Works

Hello.  I’m Chris McNeil from Podcast Professors back again with another episode from our free video series how to get started in podcasting.  Today I’m tackling another frequently asked question and this time I’m going to talk about how a podcast works.   Podcasting seems to be new for a lot of people.  Maybe you’re […]

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