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Converting Listeners Into A Community

How Do You Convert Listeners Into A Community Of Loyal Fans?Many podcasters ask the question How do I monetize my podcast or how do I make money from my listeners?  When starting out, the question that you really ought to ask yourself is how do I convert my listeners into a community of loyal fans? Why? […]

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Where to Publish Your Podcast

When I Go Live, What Are The Best Places To Publish My Podcast?Podcast Professor Chris here again! Welcome back to our free video series, how to get started in podcasting. Today, I’m tackling the question “what are the best places to crelease my show when I’m ready to go live?”You may not realize, but iTunes […]

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Who is Your Target Audience

Who is Your Target Audience?One question that is often overlooked is to truly understand who your target audience is.  Before I address this question, did you know that Wal-Mart didn’t understand their target market when they launched a Facebook campaign?  They attempted to target recent college grads to talk about how cool Wal-Mart merchandise was […]

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