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Who would have ever guessed that four guys with completely different backgrounds and from four different states would have ever come together to develop a step-by-step course about learning how to podcast? Thanks to the spirit of online community participation, the Podcast Professors were born. While so many people pile into their cubicle each and every day, we did exactly the opposite. Without ever meeting in person, we all came together once a week during our podcast mastermind and decided to create a product after we collectively felt that what we had to offer was something so many people wanted. 

The four of us have come from different parts of the United States. We all have different backgrounds, but what we had in common was our love for the world of podcasting and we wanted to share what we've learned with you. Our collective goal was to produce a course that would help even the newest, least technical person in the world to become a confident podcaster.

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Lij Shaw

Podcast Professor

Lij Shaw, Podcast Professor

Meet Podcast Professor Lij Shaw.  He gets pleasure by helping others make the best show they can. His goal is to take you from “no sound at all - to - sounding like a know it all!”  He is an award winning music and podcast producer with 25 years experience in recording. He's also an owner of a Grammy Award winning recording studio in East Nashville TN, The Toy Box Studio. He first found his passion for listening to podcasts a few smart phones ago in 2011 when he found Pat Flynn’s show, Smart Passive Income. Podcast Professor Lij was so fascinated and intent on learning through listening that he went back to the earliest episode he could find and listened straight through 80 episodes just to get “caught up”. He was hooked and learned a ton!

...and that’s when he knew that he had a passion for podcasting.

In 2013 he launched the award winning podcast, Bitcoins and Gravy, and went on to receive critical acclaim in The Wall Street Journal, The Tennessean, and all sorts of online media. He

had listeners and received comments and thankful emails from around the world. Then in 2014 he launched The Toy Box Studio Show to focus on his true passion of recording music as he continued to focus on teaching and sharing knowledge in the music recording niche.

Lij Shaw was the winner of the editors choice award for the let's talk bitcoin network podcast pilot contest and having reached upwards of 300,000 downloads since his start and conducting over 70 plus interviews, over skype and in person, Lij is thrilled to be able to share what he has learned with you! Lij wants you to learn from his mistakes and successes as you begin your own podcasting journey. Podcast Professor Lij cant wait to help you get a killer sound for your podcast!

Lij Shaw
Toy Box Studio, Owner

Chris McNeill

Podcast Professor

Chris McNeill, Podcast Professor

Podcast Professor Chris is from Austin, Texas where he loves driving a little yellow car a bit too fast.  He has been in the corporate world most of his life, but finally made the leap to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  After spending years hearing everyone tell him he has a great voice, he decided to feed his entrepreneurial passion by developing and launching his very own podcast about corporate culture.

Chris loves helping others find success. He chases anything that gives him the opportunity to help others live their passions. This is why he became one of the Podcast Professors. Chris thinks it is amazing that he is able to create and produce his own podcasts, and he wants to help others find the same fulfillment. Before he became a professor, he was a corporate stooge (not really. He kicked butt in corporate!) and built some amazing partnerships that generated millions of dollars in revenue for his employers (yes, really).

Through his podcast, Amazing Workplace, Podcast Professor Chris spreads the word about the importance and value of a strong organizational culture to thousands of people

each month. His employment history is chock full of roles that enabled him to focus on the success of others, whether through client services, business consulting or partner account management. He facilitates and participates in several entrepreneurial mastermind groups, because helping someone else build and grow their business is an awesome experience.

I'm a big believer in turning vision into reality. Some of the most fulfilling experiences in my life are tied to the successes I've helped people create for themselves. I bring my managerial experience to the group, and love to find a process for everything in order to most effectively leverage our most limited resource - creative energy - where it can best help our businesses grow and succeed. 

Chris McNeill
Operations and Marketing

Mark Haffner

Podcast Professor

Mark Haffner

Meet Podcast Professors' creative producer dynamo, Professor Mark! His work as an Emmy Award-winning music composer, sound engineer, and TV & video producer in Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Nashville comes through loud and clear in his training for our students. Mark offers you invaluable insights you can use to create exceptional show intros, outros, show formats, original music themes, and will show you how to implement key branding strategies into your podcasts.

Mark's passion for music, rock-solid show branding, and production details in capturing the essence of storytelling is where it happens. Mark is a creative solutions resource for you to reveal your story. By combining your unique strengths, high production standards, and great show formatting and copywriting, Mark will help you keep things interesting and audiences engaged.

Mark’s concept and production techniques are useful to the beginner and advanced podcaster alike. We are proud to have Mark as part of the Podcast Professors team!  When his overactive imagination isn't coming up with an endless stream of ideas, he's spending time with his sweetheart, being a dad to his three teens, writing songs, cooking, and enjoying the ocean air.

I have been a believer in the infinite potential of people since I was a teenager. My high school rock band won a radio contest with songs like “A Dream In The Making” and “Sky’s The Limit." After that success, every member became a professional musician and is still performing, teaching, or creating music today many years later. Now, with podcasting it’s so much MORE A REALITY FOR EVERYONE to be able to choose whatever interests them and turn it into a full or part-time income that is sustainable and fun to do! If this doesn’t make sense to you yet... keep watching, but don’t wait too long to figure it out. The revolution has already begun and you’ve arrived just in time!

Mark Haffner
Sound & Video

Jaime Jay

Podcast Professor

Jaime Jay, Podcast Professor

Jaime Jay loves online marketing.  He has such a passion for learning how to create, grow and achieve authority online through constantly tweaking and shifting with the latest trends.  He actually enjoys figuring out new and more effective ways of marketing and then sharing that with the world. 

As an avid hockey fan and player, you will often hear Jaime making sports analogies and references to his very own podcast show, Stop Riding the Pine. This is a sports term most commonly heard in baseball and hockey.  The title comes from a sports term most commonly heard in baseball and hockey. It means "get off the bench. 

Jaime interviews successful entrepreneurs WHO are clearly not sitting on the bench. They have not only participated in the game, but they have taken it to the next level of success.  Jaime enjoys interviewing these marketing experts and sharing their wisdom with other entrepreneurs looking for ways to maximize their business.  Jaime strives to learn and share methods that work in the noisy world of online marketing.

He loves traveling, fishing, boating, hanging out with my family and friends and playing guitar.  Remember... Podcast Yourself!

My dream is to build products that others can learn from. It's so awesome to share what I've been fortunate to learn over the past 20 years in the marketing arena. If I can help one person identify what their passion is, AND explore ways of monetizing that passion, then I know that person is going to be happy. They will be able to enjoy life far beyond just the financial success!

Jaime Jay
Web Marketing


A special thanks to all the Adjunct Podcast Professors for presenting such awesome content in the Podcast P.H.D. course!


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What's really cool about the Podcast Professor's story is that... THEY are YOU! They have all experienced the same things you will. The only difference is that they are sharing their experiences with you that will help you avoid making the same mistakes they did. You get the opportunity of stepping into their lives, their studios, their homes and learn from what they've experienced in their own shows and lives.

The Podcast Professors are so excited to share their stories and podcasting strategies with you. They want to create a community of like-minded podcasters who come together and help one another acheive THEIR podcasting dreams. Let's all get together... Podcast Yourself!

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