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(Podcast Home Degree)

Get instant access to over 70 educational videos and learn how to podcast by enrolling now.  Receive our FREE PDF "The 7 Traits of Every Successful Podcaster" to see what the most successful podcasters are doing in their shows. 

This will not only provide you with an inside look into the heart and minds of these amazing people, but it will help to show you the kind of people we are looking to partner with moving forward!

If you are truly looking for a way to create, grow or monetize your podcast, then this course is for you.  We've provided the tools, training and strategies to help get you on the right path towards a successful podcasting future. 

Everyone that signs up for the Podcast P.H.D. training course, will not only receive the "7 Traits to Every Successful Podcaster" PDF, but they will gain access to the Podcast P.H.D. Facebook group where they have the opportunity to interact with other podcasters and the podcast professors themselves!

Learn how to podcast

What Is Podcast P.H.D?

Podcast P.H.D. is a complete step-by-step system that will teach you exactly how to setup your very own podcast. 

Podcast PHD (Podcast Home Degree)

Podcast P.H.D. (Podcast Home Degree)

The Podcast Professors have spent five intense months researching, crafting, and recrafting a complete podcast course outlining a Step-by-Step Process that gives you a simple blueprint to create, produce, syndicate, promote and monetize your podcast!

Imagine going back five, ten, twenty years in your life and saying "If I only knew then what I know now, how much time and energy I would have saved? How much pain could I have avoided? And how much sooner I could have become successful!"

Podcast P.H.D. is designed to empower you with that knowledge and experience now, before you begin your podcast and business. Save yourself a huge amount of time and money by beginning your podcasting journey with clarity and direction. So that you can go from start to success as soon as possible.

Anytime Access to the Complete Video Podcast Course

You get unlimited access to over 70+ videos covering every aspect of creating, growing, and monetizing your podcast.

The Podcast Professors will be there to guide you every step of the way!

Podcast PHD Podcast Professors
Podcast Professors Entrepreneurs

The Brain Trust

When starting something new, nothing is better than being able to connect with passionate, like-minded individuals that are on the same journey.  The Brain Trust is the private, members-only community of podcasters around the world.  You'll get 24/7 access to the latest up-and-coming podcast superstars, and can share your journey, experience and wisdom with new members.

Monthly Guest Lectures

The Professors are never done adding value to Podcast P.H.D.  Each month we bring you the best experts to help you improve your business, increase your audience and monetize your podcast.

Podcast Professors Webinars
Podcast Professors Office Hours

Office Hours With The Professors

One of the biggest advantages we offer is direct access to the experts!  Each professor keeps regular office hours and is available to chat and answer your questions about production, marketing, monetization and much more.


We are offering a price lower than we ever will again. Don't miss out on your chance to participate in the premier training and community that the Podcast Professors built to teach you everything you need to know in order to launch your very own podcast!

Learn How to Podcast

Want Even More Details?

​Podcast P.H.D is broken down into easy-to-follow modules that guide you through every step you'll take along the way.

Create Your Show

In the Pre-Production module you get all the guidance you need to find your passion, uncover your topic and meet your avatar.  Thats not all!  You also get all the tools and knowledge you need to create amazing artwork, a killer website, and get your own recording setup fine-tuned, and much more.

Pre-Profuction Module Podcast Professors
Podcast Production with Podcast Professors

Hit Record with Production

Now that you've tightened down the nuts and bolts of your podcast, you'll be ready to start the production process by hitting the record button.  Professor Lij, owner of a Grammy Award winning recording studio, welcomes you to the module. We then dive right in by walking you through  common mistakes that you need to avoid when starting your podcast.  You'll also learn all about the different formats you can choose from for your show, how to work with guests and all about the latest in mobile podcasting!

Launch Your Show in Post Production 

You've recorded your first interview or episode, now what?  Emmy award winning producer Professor Mark kicks this module off and we guide you, step-by-step through importing, editing, mastering, and packaging your very first podcast episode.  Of course, we don't stop there!  You'll also get all the knowledge you need to tag and publish your episode and create awesome show notes for your website.

Podcast Post Production with Podcast Professors
Podcast Marketing with Podcast Professors

Grow Your Audience with Marketing

In this jam-packed module, we give you a crash-course in online marketing and then dig into creating your launch plan and marketing plan to best maximize the first 8 weeks on iTunes. We give you the knowledge you need to effectively build and engage with an audience via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.  Professor Jaime opens his playbook to you and shares his secrets to social media marketing, and much, much more!

Master the Monetization Game

This module is the ultimate guide to monetizing a podcast and creating a business that can generate a side income, or replace your full time job and grow past your wildest dreams.  The Professors have pooled their knowledge and even brought in experts to share step-by-step instruction that you can use to generate income with sponsors, hosting paid mastermind groups, creating your own products, providing your fans  with an exclusive community and so much more. 

Monetize Your Podcast with Podcast Professors

What People We've Helped Have To Say

Dane Nelson TheRykerDane

Lij Shaw from Podcast professors is a genius when it comes to audio and how to correctly import and export audio files in and out of garageband and iTunes. He helped me so much with adjusting levels, converting files and getting my podcast ready to be uploaded. I would highly recommend you check him out! Thanks Lij!

I had a big interview and my guest wanted to use Google Hangouts so that he could share the interview live with his YouTube audience.
I had no clue how to record the interview so that I could later put it on my podcast. Lij was amazing, didn't make me feel silly for asking questions, and got me ready to go the morning of the interview with an hour to spare! He was able to remove all of the anxiety around recording so that I could focus on doing what I love, interviewing great guests. Thank you Lij!

Koy Mcdermott Leaders Inspire Leaders
Maribou Latour Visionary Aquaponics Podcast

Lij went out of his way to help me change my sound setup and understand it so that I could record 2 tracks directly into Audition using Soundflower. Thanks to his training, I now feel confident about my sound system so that I can back it up 2 different ways, and understand it in case I need to make changes or troubleshoot something last minute. Thanks Lij!!! You've really helped me take a big step towards my success!


Of course, There is absolutely No Risk. As a matter of fact, we are so convinced you will absolutely love this product that we are ready to take all the risk.  Test drive Podcast PHD for 14 Days and if for ANY reason, you are not absolutely 100% delighted with it, simply let us know and you get your money back, no questions asked.

You don't even need to talk to anyone. Just a quick email to support and you instantly get your money back. It is as simple as that. You don't need to return anything. You can keep all the training videos, the blueprints, everything.  That is how confident we are about Podcast PHD.


We want to send you our FREE PDF called "The 7 Traits of Every Successful Podcaster"!  This will not only show you what the most successful podcaster's are doing in their business, but it will help you understand the quality of people we are looking to partner with along this journey.

learn how to podcast